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Mercy Housing Northwest Project 2012
ABOUT US... West Side Goat Girl, LLC is a family owned and operated goat rental, vegetation management service, serving both Washington & Oregon. We are dedicated to caring for our communities, environment and goats, of course!

There are many benefits by renting goats for brush clearing compared to traditional methods.  

  * Easily access difficult terrain 
  * Provide fertilizer
  * Entertainment for the community
  * More cost effective than landscapers or heavy equipment
  * Quiet & timely
  * Pesticide free 
  * Perfect for sensitive areas such as steep slopes, wetlands & water retention ponds
  * Reduces fire hazards by clearing brush ladders

Our goats have been busily servicing and
reclaiming construction sites, residential 
communities, Boeing water retention/detention 
ponds, Home Owner Associations, pasture 
space, and farmland since 2010.

Considering reclaiming that pasture or project,
overgrown with blackberries, brush or weeds? 
Consider an alternative approach instead of 
pesticides or heavy equipment. Go Green, Go Goats!​ 
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West Side Goat Girl, LLC  Serving both Oregon and SW Washington. Our goat rental service provides a green approach to vegetation management.