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West Side Goat Girl, LLC  Serving both Oregon and SW Washington. Our goat rental service provides a green approach to vegetation management.

How it Works
Goat Girl will come look at the property in question.  If digital photos can be provided, this can also help in the estimating process and help cut back on fuel usage.  An estimate will be provided via email.  

If an agreement has been made, we typically require 50% down upon arrival of the goats and the balance due upon completion. 

Your property will then be surveyed for toxic plants and any other concerns addressed prior to goat arrival.

If there is not suitable fencing in place, Goat Girl will install a portable electric fencing which contains the goats and keeps predators out.  Goats are then unloaded and the set up process begins (water, shelter  & supplements).

Once the herd arrives, Goat Girl will work closely with the goats and hand cut back canes, stocks and other woody materials that goats won't eat.  In some cases, Goat Girl will stay overnight with the goats or if the area is a low risk area, the goats may be unattended during the evening hours. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

We strongly discourage feeding and petting the goats.  They appreciate the attention but it encourages them to lean into the electric fencing and then could lead to escapees.  At the end of the job, we often set up a specific time for petting the goats.  

Once the site is completed, goats are loaded back up into the trailer and off we go, back to the farm.
Ready, Set, GO!