A Few Benefits
There are many benefits by using goats for brush clearing compared to the traditional methods.  

​   *  Easily access difficult terrain where other equipment cannot 
   *  Cost effective
   *  Quiet and timely
   *  Minimal disruption of top soil
   *  Pesticide free
   *  Perfect for sensitive areas such as wetlands & water retention ponds
   *  Reduce fire hazards by clearing brush ladders
   *  Provides fertilizer
   *  Entertainment for the community

Residential, Commercial & Government - To start... we will provide an estimate of services requested.  Once an agreement has been made, we will then set up portable electric fencing to ensure that our goats are contained and predators are kept out.  Goats will then be delivered.  We work closely with our goats to ensure that they have access to the taller brush by cutting it back leaving canes & stems behind.  The brush will begin to disappear before your eyes and without the disruption of gas powered machinery.  Your neighbors will appreciate you!

Rates - Typically, our rates are $375 per day or $1500-$2700 per acre, plus a set-up and delivery fee of $225 (case by case basis).  Some projects may be a flat rate.

Fees include cutting back of canes, stems and saplings, installation of portable fencing, water & daily care.  

50% of the agreed amount is due at the time of goat delivery.  The balance is due upon completion.

Other Services - Removal of brush & garbage is offered for an additional fee.  ​These fees are determined on an individual basis.

S'mores, Peanut, Loui and Dieuxy hard at work...
   Future brush masters
Jack & Jill born 10/22/11
'How Now' just thinks he's a goat
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There are circumstances in which equipment may be used to remove garbage & debris prior to the arrival of the goats.  
West Side Goat Girl, LLC  Serving both Oregon and SW Washington.
Our goat rental service provides a green approach to vegetation management.
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