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"It was a real pleasure to meet you and your goats. I found you to be very professional, friendly and helpful. You obviously love those goats!!" Ann - July 28, 2013

“Working with Casey and her goats was a delight! I can see my yard again, and it was wonderful to have such well-behaved and entertaining visitors during the project. I hope to work with them again in the future, and I would absolutely recommend Casey's services to anyone.” Karen - August 8, 2011

"Thanks again for the services of your herd.  I looked forward to seeing the land minus the berry thickets and I'm so pleased our neighbors followed suit.  Once we have a proper survey done and get a better lay of the land, I think we'll look at clearing the lower half of the lot as well.  Hope your herd will be hungry!"  Eric - May 27, 2011

"Thank you so much!  We so enjoyed meeting you and your goats.  Much success in your business."  
Debbie - October 2011

"Thank you so much for the extra effort you put forth.  I love your goats, they were a hit with the neighbors.  I have very little left to do!"  Mary V. - September 2011

"Thanks to you and Michael Casey, We're thrilled with the work that the 2 of you and your herd did ! I hope to stay in touch with both of you. Take care."
Tim A. - August 2013

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West Side Goat Girl, LLC  Now serving both Oregon and Washington. Our goat rental service provides a green approach to vegetation management.
Review Date: August 11, 2013
ALOHA, OR 97007
Category: Lawn & Yard Work
Services Performed: Yes

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of Work: Casey brought in 16 goats and, in 1 week, she, Mike (Casey's boyfriend) and the goats cleared out some very overgrown blackberries over a large area.

Member Comments: It went excellently! Casey has a portable electric fence to contain the goats, she comes by daily to check on them and give them fresh water. She also has a salt block for them. All of the goats have names and they are quite docile. We had neighborhood kids come and pet the goats (with adult supervision, of course). The goats rarely bleat and pretty quiet when they do. Casey and Mike work very hard and are extremely diligent. Casey is relatively new to the Portland area (moved from Seattle) and the goats provide a unique and economical solution to brush/weed control (some plants are toxic to goats) in either residential and corporate settings (Boeing is one.) If you have every wanted/ dreamed of having some ranch animals but did not have the time, money or commitment for it to be long term and on going, this is a great way to go. The goats are very entertaining too and you will have much more fun watching their progress and interacting with them than you ever will with a manual, electric or gas yard tool. 
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