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WestSide Goat Girl, LLC is a woman owned and operated environmentally responsible, goat rental service focused on vegetation management. We provide our brush and blackberry clearing services primarily around the Portland area, prioritizing jobs with 30 miles of our home base, Gaston, OR.  We unfortunately no longer travel as far North into Washington.


We are passionate about caring for the earth responsibly. And, our goats are more than happy to help! They are our valued coworkers as well as our beloved pets!  We take great care of them and always put their safety first. We are the third owners of this business having taken over from Don and Amy in 2020.   


Linda is an Oregon-native, after a life in high tech she's doing her best to live the life of a farmer and goat lady! She mixes up her time caring for her favorite ruminants and their health needs with business operations, answering the phone, responding to emails, invoicing and then gets out into the field with the goats and her handy hedge trimmer.  She loves to join the goats out on the jobs and earn her own blackberry scratches!

Our goal is to help our customers deal with their brush clearing and landscaping needs in a fun and sustainable way!


WestSide Goat Girl, LLC

Go green Go goats!

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