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"I think it looks INCREDIBLE!  Crazy to think that letting goats loose for a couple of days will do that.  Thank you again for all your hard work.  I have a hunch we’ll be working with you again soon." – Anthony, Corporate client

"Linda and Raul did a great job managing the 'boys.' The herd of 14 we rented were diligent eaters of ivy, blackberries and Scotch broom on our steep Astoria hillsides. We can actually see the topography of the land we bought and now can plant trees. Plus, hosting the goats gave a lot of joy to the neighborhood. Linda, Raul and the boys are welcome back if we let the invasive species get out of control!" Camille & Noel, Astoria homeowners


Did we set clear expectations and deliver on what we said we would do?

“Yes, when you were explaining what the goats and what you/Raul would do you included everything but did not over promise (if anything you underestimated how quickly they could eat things up ;) – Raini, Small business customer



WestSide Goat Girl, LLC

Go green Go goats!

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