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How does it all work?


The benefits of using goats for brush clearing and vegetation management
  • Goats can access difficult terrain where other equipment cannot 

  • What is left after the goats is natural fertilizer and plant material (canes) to decompose

  • Goats cause minimal disruption of top soil, but do pack it down a bit, especially great for banks, slopes

  • Perfect for sensitive areas such as wetlands & water retention ponds, or where city regulations require a green solution

  • Goats reduce fire hazards by clearing brush ladders

  • Using goats is a “green” solution – what’s left post-goats is manageable without using pesticides

  • Goats are a cost effective solution that doesn’t require debris hauling in most cases

  • Our goats provide entertainment for family and the whole community 

  • Chewing blackberries is much quieter than using heavy machinery 


Each job is unique, but there are a few things in common
  • Hungry goats, ready to work

  • A secure, portable electric fence setup that keeps goats in and predators out

  • Daily care and check in on the goats - water, shelter, supplements

  • Manual labor to assist the goats in completely the project, especially access to taller brush

  • Delivery, set up and return home


Typical customers & projects
  • Homeowners – help I have poison oak! Help my blackberries are out of control!

  • New homeowners – we just bought this place and need to find out what’s beneath all that!

  • Homeowners & realtors getting ready to sell – Yikes! I need to do something about the blackberries and ivy!

  • Landowners – I want to sell this piece of property and I need the buyers to be able to see it!

  • Those with a wildfire risk – how can we reduce the understory of our forest and overall property to reduce our fire risk?

  • City governments – we are going green and want an environmentally friendly solution for all of our community spaces.

  • Parks – we are thinking long term, goats means no chemicals, and healthier habitats and parks for future generations.

  • School districts – who wants to be known for spraying chemicals around our kids?

  • Commercial businesses – we’re looking for a low cost way to maintain our swales, natural areas, and want to known for our contribution to a greener world!


How much will it cost?
  • Each job is unique and based on a site visit, followed up by a written quote over email.

  • The cost drivers in priority order that go into providing a quote are:

    • How much plant material is there to be eaten by goats, this directly effects how many days the job will take.

    • Difficulty of and how many unique fence set ups will be needed. Larger or odd shaped areas may require more than one fence set up.

    • Amount of manual labor that will be required in addition to what the goats do, height of blackberries for example. We have seen them 30 ft up into the trees!

    • Agreement on what the finished project will look like – does the customer want all brush cut down to ground level and canes chopped into small pieces, or are they interested in a less finished final result

    • Hazard management –busy roads, toxic plants

    • Travel distance from Gaston, OR, especially outside of the Portland + suburb area

  • Note – our services do not include any removal of brush or garbage.

  • Our smallest jobs, we call them our weekend jobs, an overgrown backyard for example, are typically 2-3 days and cost around $2500 and can be done with 4-6 goats

  • Jobs that are in larger in size that take over 4 days and a full team of 15-25 goats would start at $2800 and go up. A ½ acre with a moderate amount of brush, chest high, will likely run about $3800.


How to get started?
  • Fill out the contact form on this website 

  • Call and leave us a message on our business line – 541-947-3185

  • We typically get back to you within 3-4 business days

WestSide Goat Girl, LLC

Go green Go goats!

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