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Goat education is key... Make sure your homework is done!  Although owning a goat sounds like fun, it does require a commitment on your part.  


Goats are considered livestock by government agencies. Check with your city/counties to determine whether they are allowed within urban areas.  Goats may not be allowed within city limits.


Goats are exceptionally smart opportunists! They say the grass is always greener on the other side.  Well, so are your roses, bushes, trees and other ornamental plants & shrubs.  Do you have appropriate fencing to contain them?  You would be surprised how high goats can jump, the tight spots that they can fit through and crawl under.  Fencing can be very expensive.  It is recommended that you look into pricing them out at your local feed stores.


Housing is crucial! Goats do not like the rain! They need to have access to warm and dry shelter with dry bedding such as straw or shavings. There are many different options available for housing, but always provide them with dry shelter.


Goats are herd animals and you will need at least two! They do get exceptionally lonely and sometimes the dog or horse doesn't necessarily fulfill the social needs of a goat.


Once your brush is gone, then what? You will then need to purchase feed i.e. hay and grain.  Not to mention supplements, worming and of course the occasional vet bill.  


Foot/hoof care is also imperative. Unless you do this yourself, you will need to have their hooves trimmed approximately every 3-4 weeks depending on the goat.


Renting vs. Owning...  Let's get down to it!


Annual costs for 2 goats:

Purchase of Goats (prices vary): $150.00+ each 

Fencing/ Labor per acre: $2000+ 

Supplements, worming, vet care: $400.00/goat/year

Quality Hay/Grain: $600.00+ (hay prices fluctuate depending on availability and season)

Cheap hay is highy discouraged. Poor quality hay will have dust, mold and low nutritional value and will cause illness.  

Hoof trimming $15 per goat x12: $360


So, you have now spent well over $4000.00 on your goats. All of your brush has been eaten and you are feeding them twice daily, come rain or shine.  


Rental Costs:

Average rental cost is between $3000 and $6000 per acre, depending on the terrain, type & amount of brush.  We provide the goats, portable electric fencing and the brush cutting.  And you get to enjoy the benefits of goats, without lifting a finger.

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WestSide Goat Girl, LLC

Go green Go goats!

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