We’d love to hear from you and see if we can partner with you on a goat rental brush clearing project. Most jobs we accept are within a 1 hour drive from Gaston, Oregon. To save us both time, the more information you can share upfront, the better. Here are some helpful questions…

6/28/21 NOTE:  Blackberry eating season is in full swing for us and we are very small business, so we are not taking on any new jobs until the beginning of September.  We also have limited time to reply to requests, none of the goats ever learned to type, so our plan is to  have Linda send an email to those who have sent in inquiries in mid-August asking if you are interested in September/October help with your project.  Please don't expect a quick reply to your inquiry - we are all outside wrestling blackberries.    Thanks!   Donkey, Smores, Napoleon and the rest of the team!   

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WestSide Goat Girl, LLC

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